International Festival of Police Orchestras and Choirs

Stockhlomspolisens Damkör - Ladies in Blue



Hallo Jana  and  Sasa

On the behalf of Stockholmspolisens damkör, SPDK, we would like to thank you for a wonderful festival i Prag. The organization was perfect and the weather too. So much song and music at the same time. We enjoyed everything.  Prag really is a beautiful city and we have seen so much.

We hope we will be back some day.


Thank you so much and have a nice summer !


Gurli Pihl and Eva Kolbjer

Stockhlomspolisens Damkör - Ladies in Blue

Solna, Sweden

Skäne Police Choir Malmö


Dear Jana
I have just sent a mail to all participants telling them how kindly and patiently you and Sasa took care of
all our extra orders and answered to all my questions that come up day by day.
I thank you very much for a marvellous collaboration from our first contact  and all trough our stay in your
beautiful city of Prague.

Kindest regards


Aina Hammarquist

Skäne Police Choir Malmö


Politie Muziekvereniging Brabant Zuid-Oost



Jana and Sacha


Everybody in our orchestra had a good time.

We networked a lot.

Saturday afternoon was very hot, but is was nice to do and walk making music through your old town with so many people in the city. Playing for people gives enjoyment and concentration to the orchestra.


We got compliments from our ambassador in Prague.

He heard us play on the place in the Castle and came to the bridge at 15:00 hours.

He spoke to the orchestra and walked across the bridge a side of the orchestra.


The  last invoice I send to our treasurer, but after the visit of Prague he went on vacation in the Czech republic and Austria. He will stay on vacation until the 2 of 3 of July. I spoke to him. After his return he will pay immediately.


It was nice to work with you and we hope the Orchestra of our Region left a good impression on everybody involved.


Thanks for your support and work you did for us and maybe untill next time.


Your sincerely,
Met vriendelijke groet


Ing John van Oorschot MSc IM

Politie Muziekvereniging Brabant Zuid-Oost


Politi Sirenerne



Dear Jana and Sasa


Thank you so much for a wonderful arrangement in Prague. We have had such a great experience and fun with all the other participants.


All the members of our choir are already begging me that we shall attend next time in 2013. So I think we will start a saving account, so we can participate again.


Promise me that you will say thanks to all involved in this great arrangement.


Best regards


Majken Astrupb

Chairman of Politi Sirenerne

Hammel, Denmark

Poliskören Stockholm, Sweden

Dear Jana!

Thank you so much for a very nice arrangement. We really wish that this horrible rain of yours will be over soon.
We appreciated everything and hope we are welcome back within two years and also can get the other nordic
police men choirs from Norway, Denmark and maybe also Finland and Iceland with us at the time.

Yours sincerly

Göran & Iréne Borgenvik

Humberside Police Orchestr Band, Mrs. Julia Thompson

Hi Jana,

Many thanks for the invoice and letter. I have passed the invoice on to our treasurer and shall print out the letter to show the other band members.

Thankyou to you and Sasa for looking after us all. Despite the weather we had a great time and it was just a pity that we couldn't have done the music outdoors. The reception on Saturday evening was much appreciated and enjoyed by all of our band members.

On Sunday Andrew (husband) and I spent a few hours in the centre of Prague. It is a really beautiful city and it was sad to see the river rising as fast as it did. Hopefully not too much damage was caused.

We would like to send a couple of things to you and Sasa. Do you have a postal address that we can use?

Thanks again

Politiets Damekor Copenhagen

Dear Jana

Once again – Thank you very much for a fantastic Festival – though it was wet it gave us a lot of very different experiences ;-)). The Old Prague Hotel is very nice and a great location.

We are having a board meeting to night – and I will get back to you very soon with payment.

Kind regards

Stockholmspolisens Damkör

Dear Jana, Sasa and Bedrich!

On the behalf of Stockholmspolisens Damkör, SPDK, we will thank You very much for the perfect organization and a wunderful festival.

In spite of the weather we have had a marvellous time visiting the beautiful city Prague. We are also glad that the parad could be arranged in "light" rain and we could walk on the Charles bridge. It is a great pleasure to sing together with and listen to the other choirs, and we enjoyed the conserts of the orcestras.

I hope the weather is better och we wish You a nice summer!

Kindest regards
Gurli Pihl
Stockholmspolisens Damkör